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Fireplace or firepit should be the oldest heating source for human being, people use fireplace for heating for a long time. Nowaday, people still use fireplace for heating, and decoration as well!

Fireplaces divide several types depend on its locations, standard fireplace can set up anywhere, inserts just set up on where the old wood burning fireplace made by bricks or rocks, free standing stove can set up anywhere but no need any final renovation works, and crystal fireplace is newer one, people like this kind of fireplace as it is more royal and luxury!

Wood burning and out door fireplaces also still welcomed,  wood burning fireplaces have two different type– made by brick or free standing stove, free standing stoves are easy to set up and can sit any where in door!

Flames Plumbing and Heating Ltd sales, installation, services and inspection all kinds of fireplaces and accessories include fireplace remote control and fan blower.